Muogram detail

In the Muogram detail, the detailed information of Muogram is displayed.

Each item is as follows.

About the action buttons at the top right of the browser, refer to Muogram Library>Action button.

Click Experiment name to display the detail of the experiment.

Enter the Tags name, you can put the tag to the Muogram.

About Intensity Range, Log Scale, Download CSV, refer to Muogram Generator.

Bins information is displayed below Intensity Range.

Bins information indicates the number of bins, the total number of events, and the average number of events (per bin) from the left when bins ranges are not specified.

Please refer to Timeseries Graph for case of specifying bins range.

Sakurajima 2017-01 6 plane 15 x 15 1 + 2, the normalization message is displayed at the top of Muogram depending on the period.

Nothing is displayed in the case of "Sakurajima 2017-01 6 plane 15 × 15 1" and "Sakurajima 2017-01 6 plane 15 × 15 2" that the normalization was not done.

Also, if the period without an event, it will be displayed like "Sakurajima 2017-01 6 plane 15 x 15 2 has no events."

You can put the comment to the Muogram if you click Post New Comment and edit the comment and click [Post] button.

You can edit the comment if you click the [Edit] button at the comment. You can also delete the comment if you clicked [Delete] button.

You can update the comment if you edit the comment and click [Update] button. To cancel editing comment, click [Cancel] or click X button at the to right.